Interesting casting: I can't wait to see it

Alexander Skarsgard as Randall Flagg (The Walkin' Dude) 

Whoopie Goldberg as Mother Abagail 

James Marsen as Stu Redman 

Amber Heard as Nadine Cross

December 17th on CBS All Access

I thought the original miniseries started out strong and got worse as it went on, but still had worthy moments.  Don't have CBS All Access us would like to see it.  Let's face it, Flagg portended Trump.

bub said:

 Let's face it, Flagg portended Trump.

Ha! I never thought of that. 

I agree about the mini-series. 

I don't have CBS Access either but this is by far my favorite King book. I read the original a few times and then the "complete and uncut" 1150-page tome that came out in 1990. A bit much, but fun to read. 

My favorite King book too. Looking forward to this.

The prescience with regard to Covid is so spot on it's scary. 

I still think about it every time I go through the Lincoln Tunnel.  tongue rolleye


There are several movie and shows that start out out with a main character waking up in a hospital and finding himself in a post-apocalyptic world. The Stand, 30 Days Later (greatest zombie/pandemic movie ever), and I think The Walking Dead.  I quit on the latter early but it was a great first episode.

Any others?

I thought Jamey Sheridan was grossly miscast as Flagg in the 1994 mini-series. His role on Law & Order certainty didn't make good prep for a good Walkin' Dude. 

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