Anyone else a fan of infomercials?

I am. Ron Popeil is a hero of mine.

Anyway, I'm watching Best Knife Ever right now, and it's kind of funny. They're selling a chef's knife that they're calling a butcher's knife, for some reason.

What's funny is that all of the "features" they're showing off are simply what you could do with any properly sharpened chef's knife. Everybody's oohing and ahhing as he cuts through a pile of steaks or sandwiches.  (when was the last time you had to cut through a pile of 8 steaks at once?)

And of course, most of what we're watching is just the host's very good knife skills.

Too funny.

Bring back the Showtime Rotisserie!

"Set it, and forget it!"

In the 50's, there was a thing called "Speedy Slicer." If you were careful, your fingers would remain intact.

Sounds like a modern day mandoline.

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