Hybrid SUV for Midwest Road Trip

I am planning on taking a midwest road trip next year to Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, and southern Illinois.  I have always had compact cars, but this time I want to get an SUV.  This is to sit up higher and see more scenery and not be so cramped.   I also am thinking that a hybrid SUV with good gas mileage would be best.   Any thoughts on what make and model to buy?   Thanks in advance.  

Just a little aside here.

If you're doing a lot of highway driving, a hybrid doesn't offer much benefit over a regular car. During highway driving the hybrid system relies almost entirely on the gasoline engine.

Carry on.

I like the Nissan Murano as a "crossover" SUV. Great visibility, roomy trunk.

I am very happy with my Honda CR-V, and they do make a hybrid version of it.  

We like our Toyota Highlander for road trips.  They have a hybrid version, but we have the regular one because we decided that the extra cost wasn't likely to be offset by gasoline savings, especially because we don't drive it "around town" all that much which is when you get the real savings as noted by @mrincredible above.  

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