How's the updated Lion King movie?

I took two 11yr-old girls to see it:

One said it's now her favorite movie. 

The other one said the original is better, except for the fight at the end which was cooler in the new movie. (But, neither is in her top movie list).

As the grown-up, I thought the voice choices and songs were good... but I kind of defer to the Onion's review:

So... it depends.

If i had a kid, i would not let them see any Lion King.  The original movie was excessively violent with the death of the father.  I get it, Disney and other kids movies address the subject...but that was just too graphic...

I tired to watch The Jungle Book, but I really couldn't get used to real-life animals talking.  I think I like the cartoon version more.  Also, the original soundtrack is so good.  Hmm, might wait for the rental.

My grandson said it was “ unfulfilling “

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