Happy Boxing Day!

It seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve had a Boxing Day thread.

It’s rather late in the day (and it’s already tomorrow Down Under) but I’d still like to wish all MOLers--especially our very good friends in Australia -- as well as my relatives in the Great White North and those elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Nations, a very Happy Boxing Day!

I did my part; I unboxed my new subwoofer.   oh oh

rolleyes Thought of you all day! 
Sad that new outbreaks, and new strains of the virus, lead to further restrictions on movement here, and elsewhere (from what I’ve been reading). But then these days that hardly deters a determined a determined shopper...

I think we need designations for all the hiatus days until NYE  smile

Ahh, Monday - the public holiday because Boxing Day was on the weekend!

Does Canada observe this kind of civility too?

(Sadly, it doesn’t prevent us from having to do such mundane housework as laundry and washing the floors...)

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