Google Chrome Blanked Out???

I had left my computer on overnight as I sometimes do and when I got on this morning, one of the browser tabs was in an endless loop and it all seemed slow, so I closed out and rebooted my computer.  Now when I launch Google Chrome, I just see a large blank screen with my name and profile picture in the middle, but no menu or tabs. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome and got the same result.I did boot up another computer in the house that I sometimes use and Chrome seems to work there and have my google account info. Any idea what might be happening?

Can you log out of Chrome from that screen you see, that has just your name and profile picture?

I have no idea if that will do anything.

Have you tried opening an incognito window in Chrome?


What's in the address bar when you see that screen? Or is there an address bar?

Can you send us a screenshot?

I believe there were issues with the recent update. My D can’t remember that he had this issue earlier in the week, or what he did to fix it, but it was after an update; perhaps a later one fixed it?

He had to rebuild his open pages etc, quite frustrating.

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