Goodbye Modern Family

It's hard to believe this show has been around for 11 years. We watched it almost from the beginning and I have to say I'm sad to see it go. Especially since the finale left all the characters going off in directions that could easily be developed into funny storyline.

My wife and I were talking about the fact that over the last 11 years we have definitely had a lot of other shows that absorbed much more of our attention. We got to binging Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99 and now Schitt's Creek for example. But it was always nice to bring up the DVR menu and see new episodes about Phil and everyone else (which is the way I see the show). It's a funny allegory for family. Hopefully they're always there for you even when your interests are primarily drawn elsewhere.

I think the last couple of episodes were especially emotional given the distance we're all forced to keep right now. The finale is about the family going off to New homes and new lives.

I particularly savored the return cameo near the end. “Smiley face emoji over there.”

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