Garden Debris

Thought today (4/17) was pick up for our area but no one came. Did I miss it?

what section are you?  anyone else miss the pickup also?

My garden debris was picked up early yesterday.  I am in section 2.  As Jamie posted, there are six zones, each with a different series of pick-up dates.  Remember, garden material is picked up at the curb, not rear yard.

Today is the second pickup for section 3.   They will be back here in 6 working days. Don't forget tomorrow is Good Friday and the DPW is closed for the holiday.  

It's been on the front page of MOL  for a few weeks.

There was an error in the initial notifications for zone 6.  It stated the first pick up was Tuesday 4/16 but was corrected later to Monday 4/15.  Not sure if othe zones had also had an error.

So far section 3 has been on schedule.

Thanks for the heads up.


So when is the next zone 6 pick up? Thanks.

As I said above go to MOL home page. Click on featured events,click on spring rake out. Zone 6 - 4/24

Thanks galileo. I have read both your responses. The issue is that the spring rake out for zone 6 is listed as Wednesday 4/24 on the main page and Tuesday 4/23 on the attachment. "So when is the next zone 6 pick up?"

I just checked the official town website. That says 4/24. If you think this is not correct for zone 6 call deptmt of public works.

Not having seen the attachment I can't comment on that.  But if you follow my logic (and the way it has been done in the past) they will be back on the 6th working day.  That would make it Wednesday the 24th, then Thursday May 7th.  


Zone 6

This was on the attachment. Maybe put out tonight and see what happens.






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