Fun with Zoom features

So I knew there was a touch-up feature that smooths ones appearance a bit on Zoom. Since I see myself online all the time, it's a bit gentler on my ego to turn this feature on.

But I just found another cool beta feature that's almost in the realm of the fake Jane Jetson head she would pull down for her video calls to look all put-together when she just woke up.

Zoom can apply a lipstick color of your choice for your Zoom calls. It works surprisingly well, looks very real, and stays on the lips really well. (It is a bit creepy how well it works). 

Now I not only look younger, but also as if I took time to put on makeup for my work meetings! I don't think I can go back to the office IRL, or people are going to be like... um... what happened to you? You looked better online...

There are also other options like brows and facial hair. Not my thing... but I found a great lipstick color, so I may stick with using that feature. (And the trying on different options confirmed I can never wear shades of orange or pink). I don't like actually wearing lipstick IRL, but the virtual Zoom one doesn't have a strange taste, or get on your teeth. 

However, it's possible that if you take a drink while on your Zoom call, there *will* be an image of lips on your glass if the glass is blocking your lips.

Forgot to mention the way to find it:

On your Zoom app panel, click on your image in the top-right corner (or the setting gear that might already be directly under it)

-> Settings

->Background & Filters

->  Studio Effects (Beta)

... And now found the Jetson's episode:

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