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Our house was built in the early 1950s and it has rounded fluted molding. We just had windows replaced and out contractor has started putting fluted molding that is more square. Does anybody have any idea where I can look for molding that is more similiar to the one that we currently have. Our contractor says that they don't make it anymore, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks! E

Can you post a picture? Jaeger Lumber out in Madison might have what you need. Garden State Lumber's catalog shows 4 different fluted casings of different sizes, all in primed pine. The rounded, concave side is called 'reeded' instead of 'fluted.' The sizes are 2.25", 3.25", 5.25" and 7.25" in width.



You can look in the Dykes lumber catalog as well.

Have they ever heard of a router?

Thanks, Bike Fixer, I will head out there this weekend. FilmCarp if they don't have it gardenstatelumber, I will try Dykes. McGregorj ????????

It is a little challenging to do that, McG but that is exactly what we did last week to make the backband mouldings for the new window and door frames. We, well *I*, wanted them to match the ones in our 1920's house but we couldn't find them anywhere. So, out came the palm router and we set up a little table and a temporary jig and made several 8 ft pieces.

Yep. @EHWYNN - how much moulding are you talking about? And when you say "more square", are you talking about the edge profile or the flutes themselves? I'm thinking that a carpenter should be able to alter or fabricate this themselves...

When I re-did, my 1920's Colonial, I had the problems. I was fixing and restoring. A couple of rooms had been worked on over the years and were missing molding or had HD 1/4 round. I wanted the Crown and the Picture frame molding to match the rest of the house.

It could not be found, was no longer made, I exhausted a very long search for it. I had a lot to get. I Iooked into having a blade made to cut the molding. Ouch, that was about $4,000 and I needed 2 blades for the 2 styles.

I ended up using 2 different moldings that I could buy, gluing them together, and then I ran a router blade to get that last cut detail. A pain in the Xss for sure, but no one has ever noticed that I did it.

It can be done.

It seems that you have half oval molding, is it reeded or fluted. Reeded is rounded parts of the molding which are convex. Fluted are concave. Either way an exact match may require knives to be made, I have never seen these type of moldings in stock. You may want to try M.L. Condon lumber in white plains. They have hundreds of knife profiles in stock and you may get lucky

Summit Millwork may be able to match the original. They're on Morris Ave in Summit, near Overlook. I'll get contact info....

Here it is! Nick Curiale 908-482-6571 Tell him Tenecia Valerio sent you. oh oh

Speaking of moldings, anyone have a recommendation for a place that does dip stripping for paint removal?

jgberkeley said:

I Iooked into having a blade made to cut the molding. Ouch, that was about $4,000 and I needed 2 blades for the 2 styles.

omg! We were going to have to do this because we couldn't find any molding to match the rest of our house...I had no idea it could cost that much. We ended up taking off the molding behind where we installed a built-in cabinet and reused it, and even that was a huge PITA. I think molding, in general, is a PITA. Looks great, but it's caused a lot of strife in this house.

Good luck to the OP!

Try searching for a place to make the blade. I did it in 1997, and things and prices have changed. The only place I could find was a tool and dye shop in PA. I had to send them samples of the molding shapes I needed, and I got my price.

Today, perhaps an Internet off shore place can be found.

Later, Da,

Jaeger has a location on Morris Ave in Union that is closer for many than Madison.

There is always a way. If you need a house full then having knives cut is economical. For 20 feet it can be routed and glued up.

Can you post a picture. I have a Stanely #45 combination plane that has fluted and reeded knifes that can make many old molding types. I reproduced simple moldings from recycled wood in my house.


Check out this manual and see if these knifes look close. It is also possible to recreate the shapes on a router table with multiple passes of stock cutting heads. If it is a small amount it wont take long.

If the molding is half oval reeded, it would be impossible to, properly, duplicate this molding on a router table or shapper. For what its worth, I make molding and have my knives cut by W.Moore profiles in Florida N.Y. Call M.L. Condon first they may have the profile already

Eastern Solar Stripping out in Parsippany, just off of New Road.

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