Firefox has a MAJOR bug - disables all add-ons

There's a bug in Firefox going around that disables all of your add-ons. I got hit and I have version  66.03 64-bit. Not sure if other versions are affected.

Haven't found a (good) workaround yet.

Here's a reddit thread on the matter:

I wonder how many are affected. I'm using 66.03 64 bit and my addons are working.

I'm back to normal now. Looks like they rolled out an automatic fix this morning.

I got no notifications when my add-ons mysteriously vanished (thank you for posting about this!). Didn't get the automatic fix until I'd updated to the latest version (I was one iteration behind). and even then I still had to manually re-enable several add-ons and the theme. Poorly handled, Mozilla.

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