Any opinions out there on better internet/phone/cable service - Comcast's xFinity or Verison's FIOS.

My only experience has been Verizon’s FIOS si I can’t compare but it’s  been pretty trouble free for the many years I’ve had it

i feel like I get more TV for the price with FIOS, but customer service with both is deplorable...even after a senior lady bashed in Comcasts computers because they acted like a$$es, attitudes haven't changed.

when I had comcast, my landlord went out a lot.

I have received really good customer service with FIOS.  Can't comment about Comcast since I haven't used them for many years.

FIOS tech support is kind of a mixed bag. I have found their on-site technicians generally to be very, very good. Their over-the-phone tech people, however, are often not so great. That being said, I've had only rare problems with FIOS in recent years, which is a big improvement over many years ago.

A couple of weeks ago, I lost service. The phone tech had me on the phone for an hour, much of it spent on hold, while I ran around trying various things that she suggested. Finally, she decided the problem was with the ethernet cable. I suggested she send a technician, which she did the next day (fastest ever!). The technician diagnosed and fixed the problem in five minutes. It had nothing whatsoever to do with the ethernet cable.

I was always a diehard Verizon customer.  I decided to make the switch - one reason is the I don't use much data on our cell phone (under a gig) and get the now for $12/month.

The comcast guy also replace all of our wiring - which may have been a cause of some of our previous glitches.

I was also a big Tivo guy - but love the comcast DVR.

And one of my favorite things is their voice remote along with the integration of Netflix and Amazon Prime into the box.

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