Exterior House Painter

Any recommendations for an exterior home painter? Thanks

We used Mark Tirondola, in part because we have stucco and they are particularly good with that, but I've seen a lot of nice looking wood frame houses with his signs out front also.

We used Rutgers and were happy with their work and price.

The usual suspects: Rutgers, Wilber's, and Olger Fallas. 

I am about to paint my house (next week, almost out of time to paint, as you can't have a 30 degree temp swing at night or the paint doesn't set correctly) and had quotes from each of them.  The quote for the 15 year paint from Rutgers was about 1.5K more than the quotes from Wilbers and Olger Fallas.  The 8 year paint from Rutgers was the same cost as Olger Fallas where as Wilber's was still more expensive(1K).  Besides the 15 year paint lasting longer (15 year warranty as opposed to 3 or 4 year warranty), Rutgers prepares a site plan for their crew to follow, which was the difference maker for me.  I can't tell you how many times the manager for a contracting crew leaves the crew vague direction and you get bad results (ARGH!).  Vince from Rutgers was very thorough and explained the whole process.  For any siding repair(wood work) Rutgers pairs with Alex Construction.  Expect to pay anywhere from 8K to 15K depending upon the size of your house and the condition of the siding of your house.



nam10 said:

Any recommendations for an exterior home painter? Thanks

 I live in South Orange. I have been working with Ruddy's General Construction for many years, (973) 477-9844, (he doesn't have a website, and I think he's away right now), and I'm so glad I found him! He knows everything about everything, if he doesn't he'll find out, and although I've occasionally experienced hiccups along the way, who doesn't? He does everything I need, inside and out, and I won't let anyone else paint my 1939 house with shingles, original windows (which he has repaired), plaster walls and ceilings (which he's repaired), cement patio, etc. He's very busy with many clients in Short Hills and Livingston, for whom he's remodeled kitchens down the shore. His prices are very reasonable, and he is very trustworthy. His customer base is all word of mouth. His workers are for the most part Spanish speakers, but he usually has someone there with whom you can communicate if you are not, and he is available through texts and will take care of any issues promptly. Ruddy takes care of my exterior every 2-3 years, he looks it over and tells me what I need. An anecdote: When he painted my entire exterior the last time, he saw that the accent color didn't work with the house and trim color, so he stopped work, until I got home from work to see. I chose another color, it worked, and he proceeded to finish the house, and it was beautiful, and still is. Last comment, for our old homes, I don't think the way to go is to repaint the entire exterior every how ever many years. Keep it up, and you'll never have to pay for an whole exterior house painting again!

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