Do I need a licensed plumber to install a gas range? archived

I have to remove a gas range and install a different one (it's already in my house). Do I call an appliance place like Valley Appliance? Or do I just call my plumber?

Assuming the gas line doesn't have to be moved an appliance repair person can install a stove to the best of my knowledge. Just make sure they test the connections.

Code is that when a gas appliance is removed/replaced you must replace the flex line.

My suggestion is to go to Home Depot/Lowes -- buy a new gas line, and along with it a bottle of leak detector and a brush (essentially colored dish deterent that bubbles if the line leaks). You really want to be sure about a gas line!


many homes in maplewood do not have shut off valves attached to the flexline....make sure the new flexline can snap into the connection, if not you need to shut off the a plumber if you do not know what i am saying......

Conclusion: Call a licensed plumber.

There are a few things that I really think you should have a experienced contractor do and this is one of them. Gas is very dangerous if there is a leak you may not know until its to late. Its not like installing a faucet you will know if it leaks and it wont blow up you house!!

Check on the cost of a permit vs. plumber.
I did a repair to a friend's gas line some years ago. The PSEG Inspector asked who did the job and then meticulously inspected it. He told my friend's wife that it was a pro quality job.
Do it yourself then call for an inspection.

You are not required to get a permit or inspection on a gas appliance replacement a permit is required if it is a new gas line that is more than 10 feet. If you do replace it yourself you should replace the gas flex and check it for leaks.

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