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An older fellow from Alabama recently posted that he now uses a wheelchair bc of  Parkinson's.  He's unclear as to what help he needs(his answers to ?? are toooo short).  Does anyone here know of general/national group that we can point him to??

T I A.

in relation to photography?  or to accommodate his disability so he can be a photographer?

For photography,

1. A good tripod to stabilize the camera. He might put a platform on the arms of the wheelchair so as to place the camera on and stabilize it. A small tripod with a ball adjustment would help. He would probably want to aim and focus on a screen on back of his camera as opposed to through a viewfinder.

2. He would benefit from a remote shutter release. They are not expensive.

3. Call either B an H camera  or Adamrama. Both are in Manhattan and ask for ideas from their photo department.

if its a mobility related issue...Chris Reeve Foundation.  They would consider this a type of paralysis.  They may have resources related to photography or maybe know of a mentor.

--continued... Google: disability. photography. That might lead to websites.  Also "New Mobility" magazine

Google: Independent living center or center for independent living.  There may be a specialist on equipment.

Also r/Parkinson's reddit. People there build their own equipment and have ideas and suggestions.

Hi Thanks again.

Several ideas may be helpful.  The real problem-to my way of thinking-is the lack of definition as to what his situation is.  

There is a disabled photo0graphers assoc. in UK-- no mention of US branch-- that has probably solved this for a member.  Also, I'll suggest contacting his state university.  They also may have solved this issue for a student.

I'll post these ideas shortly and will follow-up as any infi becomes available.

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