Dinner for group in theater district

Last minute bday trip into NYC this Saturday 2/2 for a show on 48th.

Somewhere between 8-10 high school seniors.  We’ve got kosher and halal restrictions as well as general pickiness.  I’m thinking Italian would be the best bet, but will consider Hard Rock type chains.  Carmine’s was my first choice but no availability.  

Any ideas?

Not sure it's Kosher or Halal. It's Jewish Italian.


looks delicious!  Might be too nice for the teens and my wallet but I’ll keep it on the list.

I don’t think the kosher and halal kids are super strict but they will probably want to get something vegetarian.  Though I think I’ve seen the kosher kid eat chicken at a restaurant.  Just wNt to make sure there are options!

Dallas BBQ is in Times Square, can fit large groups easily and depending on what people order can be reasonable. I haven't been there in years.  They have expanded their menu (used to be mainly chicken) and there are some vegetarian items (mainly vegetable plates).


How about Ben's Kosher Deli? Good soup and pastrami, lots of seating. Some other possibilities are Toloache for Mexican or Da Marino for festive Italian, both with veg options. 

thanks all, great suggestions and I will keep them on my list for next time!  Made reservations at Mama Mia on 44th/9th which seems to have reasonably priced food that should suit all needs and is birthday girl approved.  

Just to add, for my recent birthday celebration (seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway) we decided to drive to Jersey City and park near the Grove St station ($11.00 attended lot).  We had a wide array of yummy, fun choices for dinner and chose Orale Mexican Kitchen (SO GOOD!) at NJ prices.  https://www.oralemk.com/  Works well  for groups as there is a second, quieter dining room.  Drinks reasonably priced.  I heartily recommend the Seared Tuna.

Then we hopped on the PATH, walked from 33rd to 45th, and had a lovely evening!  I think this is going to be our go-to sort of plan for similar NYC events.  Great food, good prices, easy parking and easy transit.  

wouldn’t it be far easier just to take the train all the way in? It’s probably almost as long on Path from JC as it is to Penn from SOMA, no?

Jersey City is an Interesting option but wouldn’t have worked for this situation.  

 I had 7 teens with me (and frankly would not have gone but one of the kids couldn’t go without a parent being there).  The restaurant (Mama Mia 44) was fine, had something or everyone and cost way less than I expected for 8.  It was disappointing that “the desser truck didn’t come” but we stopped at Baked by Melissa and had a tiny cupcake fest.

The food was just above ok, so I wouldn’t choose it for myself as a nice night out, but it totally worked for this crowd.

And the show The Prom was very fun!  Made for a nice 18th bday for my daughter.

Conandrob this was so much more fun and cheaper to boot!  We got some walking in before and after sitting for 2 glorious hours, we were on our own schedule, unencumbered by train schedules. The young adult child and her partner got to be very gracious hostesses.  Apparently they will continue to feed me, even occasionally need me........64!  Win for all!

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