Deck Restoration and Painting

I have an existing painted wood deck. I recently considered replacing it with a new composite or hardwood deck, but the price was NOT right. So now I'm looking for somebody who can do a really good job of powerwashing, sanding, sealing/priming and repainting. The deck boards are all in good shape and the superstructure is very solid, but the wood railing might need some light carpentry work as well. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!  

1.   If you want deck sanded, why should it be pdeower washed?

2.   Doing a 'really good job' with what you are asking for, will cost you as much as having wood deck replaced with Trex.

PS.  I did this for a customer last year.  And, what we learned the hard way, is that the understructure of a wooden deck, is not necessarily suitable for a Trex deck.

I have to resand and seal my deck about every four years, which is a bummer. But it always peels

What type of wood is the decking made from?

I have had good results using Hue Strong for the power wash/painting and Diego Aquino, Bald Eagle Handyman, for the carpentry for my wood deck. Hugh (862) 485-2816,

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