Dead Can Dance fans?

And DCD fans out there?

One of my favorite bands, and I still remember the first time I heard them. I was wandering around the music department of a Borders (remember Borders?) sometime around 1995 or so. They were playing Toward the Within, and Yulunga was on. I was completely captivated. So I bought the CD.

Hearing DCD completely redirected by music sense. I have all of their CD's plus all of Lisa Gerrard's.

Love DCD! Not sure why I’ve never felt compelled to see them live though. I first heard them sampled by the Future Sound Of London, and a guy played me the original track and I was utterly fascinated. Many people will know Lisa Gerard through her work on the Gladiator soundtrack, but Brendan’s voice is like listening to the sun. 

Yeah, Gerrard has done a lot of soundtrack work. I've got all of her CD's too. She's got the voice of an angel.

I saw them live the last time they were in the city (2014?). Great show. I'd like to see them again. Maybe I'll drag my son along.

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