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I've noticed recently that the town has added some handicap ramps and fixed curbs in a number of places around town, including my street. I've also notice that they have entirely replaced the curb with Belgian block on Franklin. I'm wondering how the town decides which streets to do this on? Is it a request process or do they just target certain blocks based on a replacement cycle or what?


Town's Engineer's Office should be able to answer your question.


It may be a county street.  Belgian blocks were put on some of the longer streets in my neighborhood and that was the explanation.  


If its county streets, Irvington Avenue should be included. But the work seems to go to local streets.


Jack:  The work being done now is to certain town-owned streets, under a Federal block grant.  Thus County streets such as Irvington Avenue would not be included. 


Pretty sure Franklin between Princeton and Prospect is not a county street.  Would be a pretty odd one to designate.


Franklin is not a county street.  Neither are the other streets which are seeing reconstruction under contract by the town this year.  My comment was directed to the poster who asked why a county street was not included in a town-let contract. Further complicating the issue is the location of the county street in question, which serves as a border between Maplewood and Newark in the portion of Irvington Avenue to which the above poster is referring.


Speaking of curb work, I notice something dangerous about the recent change to Baker St. at Maplewood Ave.  When descending Baker and making a right on Maplewood, the new bump out narrows the traffic lanes and blocks enough of Maplewood Ave to cause the vehicle to come very close to traffic going toward the village on Maplewood  Ave.  I can see an accident happening there in the near future.


There is a similar problem with the bump-out at Prospect and Springfield.  It has been that way for years.


Traffic calming? Waste of money.

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