Covid Music Collaborations

There's a lot of these out there - do you have any favorites?

"The Longest Time" with a COVID-theme:  

Nick Lowe and friends:

From Australia's national broadcaster.  

I have posted on FB on Thursdays trapped duets featuring my spouse on Steinway and my daughter singing. Not sure how to out them here...

I think they are excellent!

Best Regards,

Ron Carter

From Mayo Arts Center:

Just released, from your very own Maplewood Glee Club

These guys are roommates in Spain.

Pete Townsend’s 75th Birthday yesterday. 

The Voice paid tribute.  

This was a livestream  - here's the highlights for me:

5:05 - All I Really Want

56:17 - You Learn

yahooyahoo said:

These guys are roommates in Spain.

 LOVED these guys!  

I liked every post on this thread, but I'm smilin' from ear to ear listening to their YouTube channel. smile

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