Costco line out to the receiving area this morning.

We got there at 10:30. Walked right in.

11:30, the line to get in was as long as it was during summer Rona experience.

I saw that and kept going. Ended up at LIDL where I was able to get almost everything I needed anyway with no crowds. Had I gone to Costco I would have had to go elsewhere too. 

The Costco - Lidl - Total Wine loop can take care of most all necessities.

How was Costco shopper density today, Jack? Distancing can be quite impossible at the Union store. Lidl is still a strange foreign land for most people around here, fortunately.

There was even a line at Millburn Trader Joe’s this morning, though it moved fairly quickly. 

Inside was under control. Sometimes, checkout snakes around a couple of aisles before reaching registers.

Today, it was about 50 ft from checkout.

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