CHS Musical- 2020 Hindsight - tickets on sale now!

"2020 Hindsight" is a virtual musical event designed to benefit and celebrate the CHS Musical.

It's actually quite good!  And they lost so much $$ last year with all the expenses they laid out then returned all the prepaid ticket money, so buy a ticket and help the cause!  They're not funded by the district.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets they can sell?  (i.e. can it "sell out"?)  I'm trying to decide what date would be best and wishing that I could just buy a ticket good on any of the dates since it is online, but perhaps there are limits that prevent that (?)

From the directors/producers;  

CHS Musical - Viewing Update! Due to a glitch in the streaming service, we are changing our movie presentation format from “Timed Streamed Shows” to “Video On Demand.” If you purchased tickets already, you’ll soon receive an email with the video link and your unique password. The video link, for your one-time view, will be available to watch anytime between Thursday, April 8th at 7:30 pm - Wednesday, April 21st at 11:59pm to enjoy our video at your own pace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~And don’t forget to check out our website! There you’ll find cast/crew bios, our sponsor page, the alumni stories, as well as a tab to make additional donations. We’re so very grateful for your support!  

Opening night tonight!

It's really good--just watched it with a group of folks responsible for the production and it's completely worth the $$ and hour of time.  The video and sound production is exceptional too.  Help CHS Musical folks out and buy a ticket and enjoy--I promise it delivers

Is there any plans to post one of the livestreams where we can pay and view?

I just watched it. Wonderful! You have until 4/21 to purchase and view. See instructions above. I have gone to nearly every musical since the 1980s.

Totally worth the $$--will make you smile seeing these kids enjoying themselves, plus they're very talented as always.

I finally remembered to watch it - very impressive!  And such fun to see the alumni cameos and snippets from shows my own kids (stage crew members 2007-2013) worked on. 

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