Can you read this headstone?

This is NOT the headstone from the other discussion, that one is very readable, and has now been returned.  

While returning the other stone I realized that I was very close to Franklin, where I have family buried.  I have two Bridgets in the old Catholic cemetery in Franklin.  This *might* be one, on the other hand, Bridgets were a dime a dozen among Irish immigrants in the 1800’s.

So here is the headstone in question, I took picture with multiple settings to try to change the contrast, not sure if it helps

All I am able to make out is Bridget at the top, and what might be Ireland near the bottom right

Could you take a rubbing? You know, put paper on top and use crayon or chalk? 

Thought the name on top read: Bridget.

I’m still not reading details clearly. The rubbing seems like a great idea!

Or perhaps wash the stone then take a pic with extra-high contrast, as well as the rubbing?

Was Bridget a Suffragette ?? (Is that the last word on the stone??)

I tried making a negative of the image, as well as separating the RGB colours individually, but still couldn't read the inscription LOL

The top is definitely Bridget, the rest is nearly impossible to make out.  The stone is in very rough shape, as was the rest of the cemetery

There is a non-profit group that cleans and restores veteran's headstones. (The Good Cemeterian) The pictures of before and after cleaning are remarkable; the stones look new and can be read clearly.

Here is some advice from one of their Face Book posts:
Using a soft brush clean with
Orvus (soap) and plenty of rinse water and I do emphasize plenty! Then spray
with D2. I’ve found that if the Orvus isn’t completely rinsed off, it
has a tendency to affect the absorption of D2. Too pricey to waste!

The D2 is a biologic cleaner used on Washington Monument, White House, etc.

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