Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

In the 80s, Cokie's older sister, Barbara, was pretty well-known in NJ politics. She lost a bid for the Senate and was elected Princeton's mayor. She lost an eye to cancer and would appear at events with an eye patch, once with a campaign sticker on it. She died in her early 50s.

annielou said:

Eddie Money 70

 We just saw him a few (7!) summers ago at the QuickChek Balloon Festival.  After that, he did one of those tongue-in-cheek Geico commercials as a travel agent offering "Two Tickets to Paradise."

Suzanne Whang, who viewers came to love as the voice and face of "House Hunters" for nearly a decade, died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer, according to her agent.

She was 56.

Jacques Chirac. (Aged only 86years, I thought he'd be older)

Robert Hunter, writer for the Grateful Dead, age 78.

Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been.

mjc said:

Robert Hunter, writer for the Grateful Dead, age 78.

Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been.

 No! I only just read earlier this evening  that he was so unwell.

Diahann Carroll, 84

Gosh. LOL

Kind of speechless at this news, not sure why. 

ETA: some lovely obits have been written, this one is really nice

Is it wrong that my first impulse is to come here, to verify news like this???

Seriously, Ginger Baker too? LOL 

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, the first person to walk in space, has died. 

I can't imagine the courage it must have taken to have complete trust that that 5metre rope would hold secure and he would complete his mission with no untoward incident. Awe-inspiring.

He gave a great performance in El Camino. Loved his scenes very much.

Elijah Cummings. May he Rest In Power!

Elijah Cummings will be missed by so many of us. Anyone who ever watched him lead Oversight Committee hearings saw both the just leadership and the humanity of the man.

Michael J. Pollard -

Bonnie and Clyde

Star Trek 

Formerlyjerseyjack said:

Michael J. Pollard -

Bonnie and Clyde

Star Trek 

 When Michael Andrew Fox joined Sag/Aftra, there was already a Michael Fox on the list, so he added the J as a tribute to Michael J Pollard.

librarylady said:

One of my favor cartoonists...

 OH, that's so sad.  I loved his cartoons.

Awww man, I just heard about Jonathan Miller. He was a national bloody treasure.

The historian in me is fascinated by the timing of these two deaths, and also that of a noted European spy
certainly, we’re such a changing of eras as technology, manners, communication and even public standards seem to change from one generation to the next.

(Edited to remove typos: migraine obv coming on)

A shock to us all:

We had the pleasure of a brilliant concert up here a couple of weeks ago, felt like we were all 30 again cheese, never would have suspected any of the Mentals popping off before Christmas ...

Thank you, Carol Spinney. we enjoyed many wonderful years with Big Bird and grouchy Oscar, and they’ll always live in our hearts. 
Rest well.

And you will have heard before I did that Marie Fredriksson, the beautiful voice of Roxette, has left us, at only 61.

By no means a youngster, David Bellamy’s style was relaxed and enthusiastic in ways that Oxbridge academics aren’t meant to be.

The rapid changes we’re witnessing, and that we’re still decoding from past records fascinated and saddened him. Sad to say goodbye to such a colourful and knowledgeable character.

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