Birds at night


I typically hear birds outside a bit before sunrise, idk maybe 430-5 ish if I’m awake. One night this past week, I was awake at about 2 am and I heard at least one bird outside, which was peculiar.

I thought maybe it was just an aberration, but then on Friday night at about 11 pm I was walking past the SO Christmas tree (near SO Ave/Irv Ave fork on road) and the tree was full of noisy birds. At 11 pm?

Has anyone else noticed anything like this and thought it was odd (or not)? 

I recall some years ago I was in Houston and I heard birds at night, so the only thing I can possibly think of regarding my observations is that maybe it’s related to climate change?  


Mockingbird. He will sing ALL night long during mating season. Once he finds a mate, he won't sing at night...


Mockingbird for a solo.  Maybe starlings for "tree full of noisy birds"?


Starlings and, I think, Grackles will do this. Cardinals will also warm up around 5 a.m.

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