Biden Sign

Where can I locally get a Biden sign?

Maplewood Democratic Committee?  Perhaps ask one of your district leaders.

The So Orange Democratic Club was in front of the Train Station last weekend selling.

Last I heard, Ian Grodman as chair of MDC has a stash of them (although they may all be distributed by now).

My district leader moved out of Maplewood 2 months ago and I don't know her replacement.I know there are 2  for my district but cannot find any 2020 info.  Tried Ian  a while ago but no response. Maybe e-mail was not correct. I've voted already but it would be nice to encourage others.

Where are these signs coming from? I went to the South Orange train station this morning without success. This is really ridiculous.

I think that Bill Kransdorf with SOMa Dems (I think) may have them.  Don't have contact info for him, though.

Thanks Steve but I did just get one from Ian. 

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