Auto Repair Recommendations - Same Day Service

I'm looking for a shop that can both replace my tire and check out a weird sound emanating from the car.  The rub is I'm looking for this to be completed same day.  Am I stuck with Jiffy Lube?  Any place local for same day service.  TIA.

I think most places can do same-day as long as you call in advance and drop it off in the morning. Bernie's in Millburn is a decent place.


A&J Automotive.  Super nice, fast, totally trust them not to overcharge.  Whenever they've done work for me, they've always managed to get me in and out in one day.

We love (LOVE) Boyden Friendly. We've been using them for a couple of years and like doing business with them. Tony is the most honest mechanic we've ever dealt with. My youngest took her car in a couple of weeks ago for a tune-up. Tony explained to her that, because of higher end spark plugs, etc, she did not need a tune-up for many more miles. 

Had the same experience at Boyden Friendly.  Ethical and upfront.

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