An annoying thing with Staples

I saw a keyboard at Staples that I liked - $20 cheaper if you order online and then pick it up in an hour.  The issue was that I really wanted to see it first before buying.  So I checked it out - liked it - brought it to check out - mentioned they deal to see if they would honor it - they said no.  So I stepped aside ordered it on my phone and waited.  Normally stores try to match the competition - here they weren't even willing to match themselves.  It's just dumb.

My main comment to them is that the company is really trying to discourage people from using the store.

Another time - they accidentally printed an extra 500 business cards with my information - completely their fault.  They would not let me have the others unless I paid for them and threw them out.

Many places want you to “order online/pick up in store.” We wanted to get my MIL a vac that was a good price at Walmart- but the price was higher in the store. Did the same thing- went outside, ordered it and went back in 30 minutes later to get it when they said it “was ready for pick up”. Target does this also. 

I'm sure they're counting on some people not being willing to wait or come back later.

I have had mostly annoying experiences with Staples. A lot of in-store items ring up at a higher price at the register than they were marked on the shelves, and they don't care when you inform them of it. 

They're training customers to use new tech so they can eventually begin decreasing staff while building a mailing list at the same time (CC companies don't share many details with retailers in "card is present" transactions or share them for a fee, but if you go online at the store's e-commerce site, they're getting your address, your phone, your email, and any other details buyers volunteer).  

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