Air Fryer


Anyone have one? If so, what do you think of it?  Any good recipes?

I got one for Christmas and don't want to use it if the feedback is mostly negative.  It is still in the unopened box which should make the return/exchange hassle free.


I watched a review on youtube I think, and they were definitely unimpressed. I was intrigued by them too. Now, not so much.


I also bought one and also not impressed.  You can bake fries in the oven that are better and less of a hassle.  Buy an instant pot instead.


I'll second that. If you don't have in Instant Pot, exchange the fryer for one.


Fried air is so much worse for you than raw air or even filtered air. If you need to cook it you should lightly steam it, but I also love it when it's cold and crisp. 


I tried one once - not sure of the brand - picked it up on the SOMA Swap.  Anyway, not at all impressed by it and we passed it on pretty quickly.


Thank you everyone.  I guess it is going back.


Love mine.  Use it weekly, if not daily.  Gets food crispier than the oven in less time with much less oil, and you don't have to heat your house up in the summer by turning on the oven.  We particularly love it for regular and zucchini fries, homemade chicken tenders, heating up a small amount or virtually anything, hard "boiled" eggs, and have even made personal size pizzas in it.

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