A-hole of the month -- yeah, the month ain't over, but

Waiting for light to change, turning left onto Valley from Tuscan, going towards '78 -- first in line.

Light changes, but now wait for crossing guard to assist pedestrians. (BTW, he is an excellent crossing guard)

Pedestrians have now crossed and crossing guard returns to curb. I now proceed and turn left onto Valley, WHEN,

Scholar, third car in opposing lane, jumps out of his car's driver's seat and runs across Valley, in front of me. He proceeds to run towards Baker. Simultaneously, his passenger exits his car and enters the driver's seat.

I only missed hitting the s'umabitch because my "autonomous braking system" stopped the car before I hit the brakes. Absent that, I would have been pissed at the dent in my car, and I would have been late for my appointment because I would have been laughing my assoff at the dude lying on the road.

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