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The series that turns seven years into a blink is back. My wife and I first caught on with 42 Up, bingeing on VHS rentals of the previous films before seeing that one during its theatrical release. As we wait for 63 Up to play nearby — I think 56 Up had a brief run in Maplewood — who are the other fans out there?

I became hooked at 28 Up.   My girlfriend and I were living in Greenwich Village when it came out andwe went to see it at the theater on 13th Street.  It was incredible even then to see those kids 21 years after the series started.   

It's been riveting to watch these kids grow up and go through the ebb and flow of their lives.   Neil is the one I always worry about the most.   Can't wait to see this.


I am an Up fan! I've managed to see them all in order, starting when Seven was playing at a theater in Manhattan many years ago. I've always liked Tony, who confesses in this interview to beating up "the posh kids." They fascinate me, particularly since bailing on the project for a while. (Oddly, the only original cast member who does not participate is himself a doc producer.)

j_r said:

(Oddly, the only original cast member who does not participate is himself a doc producer.)

Suzy, long a reluctant participant, declined to take part in 63. Peter was out for a while before returning; I don’t know if he’s back this time.

After starting the thread this morning, I read this article in the current Times Magazine. It follows Apted to his filming with the always riveting Jackie. The piece is a poignant valedictory in its own right (and briefly mentions Apted’s anger with Charles).


I also started with 28 Up when I was in college. Where does the time go (for  them and me)?

I've always meant to watch and then I forget and another decade goes by.  I better catch up with this one before they all die.  

I also caught 28 on 13th St in in the city and have been riveted ever since.   Hooked the wife somewhere along the way.  Looking for a quiet moment to read that Times piece.

Was it New Scientist, or Guardian that did an article on it last year, writing about the background studies and the other similar projects elsewhere? New Scientist, I think. Really fascinating to read other things the participants (including crew) say that aren't included in the docos. Worth looking up in a library. 

My opinion of the characters changed over time. I really didn't like the posh little girl in the first film, but she grew into an interesting woman. And adorable Neil....

Where can I go to see the 63 episode?  Is it on PBS?  Is it in the art cinemas in NYC?  Is it on one of the cable channels I can't afford?  If you know, please share!

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