Hand Sanitizer for Sale 4 x 3.3oz Travel Size - Large quantities available NOW

Posted on: Mar 15, 2020 at 6:55pm
Asking Price: $25
Posted by: Adam Zweibel

In light of what’s going on with this Covid-19 Pandemic, there is no more hand sanitizer in any store or online. We noticed this last week. We researched how to make our own and bought the products to do so, at an insane premium, because keeping the germs away is imperative to our safety. We made 26 kits of sanitizer so far and hope to have more available soon. Each kit has 4 -3.4 ounce bottles. Please let me know if you want to buy them for $25. You can Venmo me and pick them up outside our home. We’ve been safely quarantined since Thursday and can leave your package on our doorstep. Message me if you’re interested

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