Stanislav Jaracz: Electric Cars 101

Event Date: February 4th, 2018 at 11:00am - 12:00pm
Address : 516 Prospect Street, Maplewood, NJ, United States
Town : Maplewood

The buzz on electric vehicles is getting stronger every year. Yet, it is still not clear for many people, what are the benefits and limitations of driving electric and why should we care? Why should we switch? People always have many questions: How far can I go on a charge? Where do I charge them? Are they safe? How do I service them? Internal combustion engines moved a long way over the 100 year history of personal transportation, it is cheap and the infrastructure is in place. Yet, this technology has reached its limits and it is time to move on. In this seminar you will learn: (1) The basics of electric drive technology; (2) The right and wrong way of choosing a vehicle; (3) Who benefits and who loses on EVs; and (4) Current and future EV lineup. Stanislav (Stan) Jaracz is an Electric Vehicle (EV) advocate and promoter of renewable energies as one of the most impactful way of achieving social justice and responsibility in our society. He is a member of NJ Electric Auto Association and Plugin America and actively promotes electric drive at numerous events over the last 5 years. He teaches about the many benefits of EVs. He works with NJ municipalities and their Green Teams to accelerate deployment of EVs and charging infrastructure. Stan is passionate to learn more about sustainable living, applying it in his personal life and then sharing with others to inspire the same. Stan moved to the USA from the Czech Republic in 1998 for the purposes of PhD studies at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. After receiving his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 2004, he moved to enhance his experience at University of Stony Brook. In 2007, Stan moved to NJ where he has worked at various science positions in the consumer products industry.

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