Maplewood Garden Club Speaker's Program via Zoom: "Plants for Winter Interest"

Event Date: January 4th, 2021 at 7:30pm
Address : Zoom

Winter may feel cold and dark, but your garden can lessen that dreariness with an array of textures, colors, fragrances, and even flowers—if you select the correct plants. Learn about numerous plants that strut their bright berries, peeling barks, swaying seedpods, colorful flowers, and persistent foliage throughout the iciest months of the year when Bruce Crawford discusses “Plants for Winter Interest.” A longtime proponent of unusual and fun plants, he will focus on the best plants for providing pops of color, height, and structure to your yard, allowing you to not only have good garden “bones,” but wonderful visual appeal as well.

Bruce Crawford spent more than two decades running a garden design business that specialized in plantings for year-round interest. For 15 years, he also served as the director of Rutgers Gardens, the botanical garden for Rutgers University. Bruce is currently the State Program Leader for Home and Public Horticulture with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. His program will follow a brief business meeting and conclude with a live Q&A session. For more details and to join MGC’s Zoom meeting, visit

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