80th Anniversary MGC Plant Sale

Event Date: May 13th, 2017 at 8:00am
Address : 187 Boyden Avenue, Maplewood, NJ, United States
Town : Maplewood

Come join us to celebrate our 80th Anniversary Plant Sale - just in time for Mother's Day! Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes - heirloom, cherries, plus grafted tomatoes (heirlooms to root stock) and more. Also, vegetables of every variety, flavorful herbs, brilliant geraniums, everyone's favorite annuals, choice perennials which bring back color year after year. Decorative baskets all dressed up for Mom filled with vibrant blooms, houseplants, tropicals, shrubs, and trees. Hanging baskets overflowing with voluptuous flowers. Maplewood Pool Parking Lot, 187 Boyden Avenue, Maplewood. For more information, visit www.maplewoodgardenclub.org.

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